Just a random blog.

Like seriously random lol… I find it bloody strange way in South East-Asia, Anyone that travels to their country and resides there they are called “Expat’s” But if you ever visited any western country. ‘OH COMPLETELY DIFFERENT”, they are called immigrants and all sorts of disgusting words and name (I’m sure you can think of … More Just a random blog.

February 2020

This month has been nothing but… strange? I guess for those that are located in Southeast Asia. Gosh, it’s been pretty gloom in Hong Kong with all the political situation and this virus. I hope everyone does take enough safety precautions, as it’s pretty grim. I can’t believe that in some countries that with this … More February 2020

The Art of Tarot

Tarot is a beautiful art divination tool, With many Tarot decks made around the world and collections. This truly speaks volumes that Tarot decks can be related to anyone.  I’ve been working with Tarot for quite some time now. I’ve been helping friends to give intuitive insight into what is happening in their life. Whether … More The Art of Tarot

E M O T I O N S ?

Emotions are powerful things that exist within us, it’s crazy how it can temperament with our day to day live. The main type of emotions that we may know is joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation. Emotion is a beautiful thing and from this, you’d see the different sides of humanity, the good … More E M O T I O N S ?


But how creative are we? We all would like to believe that we are individuals and unique beings. My meaning being to be valued with either of these words “individual” Or “Unique”. You have to be creative, why? Well, it shouldn’t be up to the individual to call themselves either of the words, it should … More Creativity…?

Taiwan : Taipei

Taiwan, this country I’ve visited several times and especially Taipei… I believe that people that have been to Taiwan would discover the beauty of the hospitality of the country. The people are very helpful and considerate country. This trip was a quite funny and interesting experience for me. It was originally booked with four people … More Taiwan : Taipei

Shenzhen : Dapeng

Shenzhen is honestly full of surprises, I had an opportunity to visit Dapeng after Ray suggested we visit Ancient City, as it also nicely located close to the beach. The journey from the city of Shenzhen is about 2 hours drive away. The scenery on the way to the location is beautiful with endless mountains … More Shenzhen : Dapeng