The Art of Tarot

Tarot is a beautiful art divination tool, With many Tarot decks made around the world and collections. This truly speaks volumes that Tarot decks can be related to anyone. 

I’ve been working with Tarot for quite some time now. I’ve been helping friends to give intuitive insight into what is happening in their life. Whether it be Love, Family, Finances, Career etc… Honestly, the list goes on…

There are quite a lot of sceptics out there, and honestly, I was one myself “once upon a time”. However, upon receiving my first Tarot deck, I actually felt more awoke and believed that my journey has just begun. Looking through the imagery of any Tarot deck it can give you a feeling inside and that the intuitive guidance. Through a Tarot reading, it gives more insightful information that some may skip on due to their day to day lives. 

Everyone has the intuitive power however not many want to tap into it, this may all relate to fear of the unknown, or maybe not ready to step out of their comfort zone. Nevertheless, the art of Tarot really is a beautiful way to help give a dose of guidance in life. 

Have you ever tried Tarot reading? Would you give it ago?

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CMPang x

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