February 2020

This month has been nothing but… strange? I guess for those that are located in Southeast Asia. Gosh, it’s been pretty gloom in Hong Kong with all the political situation and this virus. I hope everyone does take enough safety precautions, as it’s pretty grim. I can’t believe that in some countries that with this Virus “racism” hit all time high to Chinese ethnicity. I can and can’t believe how these unconscious people can spit out shit like that! I mean everyone sure has a brain and gosh hope it functions… However, I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to be in “higher” education to know that a virus doesn’t have ethnicity? Or am I wrong….

This month has freed up a lot of time for me to really dive deep within if that makes any sense to anyone? It’s when you basically become a Hermit, well just retreating from the outer world and meditating…

–> Insert selfies “By the with Mochi aka “furball”
haven’t took selfies in ages, he was on my lap throughout this post)

Something inside me kinda changed or switched within, it’s strange maybe I have reached a point in life to not give a crap about certain things. I mean I was pretty insecure with my feelings before and not sure how to balance it… but I guess this new divination tool of tarot really did help me…

I’ve started up a YouTube channel, my second attempt actually… I remember me creating one back in England, it felt kind of nostalgic but it makes me happy, so whatever goes right? It’s rather intriguing with the answers I do receive, and the feedback I get from people. I must say though when I think of tarot, it’s logical and illogical at the same time and that’s the most interesting thing about it, because I feel that way and the reality is we as human too as well..anyway!

I’d leave this video here (: – February 2020 Predictions
“Have a try for those that never had tarot reading”

CMPang x

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