E M O T I O N S ?

Emotions are powerful things that exist within us,
it’s crazy how it can temperament with our day to day live.

The main type of emotions that we may know is joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation. Emotion is a beautiful thing and from this, you’d see the different sides of humanity, the good and the bad without emotions we wouldn’t know how to connect. Without emotions, we wouldn’t have humanity…

Emotional Influence?

Today society is affected by the displays of influence emotions. You see it everywhere, whether it’s political, TV, social media, ads or even just talking to friends, family about certain topics. Or even overhearing a conversation. All of these forms of outlets are made to influence you a certain way! Emotion can transcend and it’s up to the individual how they use their intuition and perceive the situation. Positive emotions can project Joy and positivity in others and negativity Vice-Versa…


Social media plays a big factor when it comes to influencing the emotions of our human brains. The way that people have the free will to post, write, express what they like to social platforms, and I’m all for that everyone should damn right have the opinion to free-speech. It’s humane and that’s how we express our emotions and how we embody being individual

However, it’s when people ride of these comments/videos/pictures and engage to in-depth it brings out negative emotions, you will talk to your friends, peer or anyone about the topics… almost obsessively at times. It’s amazing how social media made a massive impact on individuals that depend on it, due to the emotions, feelings, validation and needs they gain from them. Anyone that is contributing to a social platform, whether you are in the video/picture or you’re commenting… you become part of an emotional community.

Today’s generation, whether we like it or not, we become obsessed with social media, we get obsessed with numbers. We all gain the feel-good factor with a hit of dopamine, which drives the actions to gain, the likes and followers. I mean everyone like that “feel-good” receptor… It could be even achieved with a simple act of a smile.

Still think you have control of your emotions?

Honestly, we all experience various emotions a day, and it’s the best thing about humans. It’s kinda a basic instinct and aligned with our mind and body for our wants and needs. However, I do hope people in society to take a step back and acknowledge their own emotion, to think if it’s influenced or is it you are feeling a certain way. If so, identify your emotion as owning and identifying your own emotion is a very powerful thing, harness it and understand why you feel that way. If you can’t understand it seek out for help and it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of knowing!

The next step…

Let try not to let our emotions become tools in your life… be more diverse by the way you think and feel… Only because you are accustomed to a certain way or the environment doesn’t mean you have to always be that way. You have to feel differently, to see differently, to gain knowledge that you didn’t have previously and to do all this experience new things… All of this will change our emotions and perception. Perhaps when you gain such knowledge, harness it and remember it and if you encounter a similar scenario you will no longer act in a certain emotional state again.

Cmpang x

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