Creativity shouldn’t be from what you do or say, it should be something that sparks from within. Being as you are is already creative enough.

But how creative are we?

We all would like to believe that we are individuals and unique beings. My meaning being to be valued with either of these words “individual” Or “Unique”. You have to be creative, why?
Well, it shouldn’t be up to the individual to call themselves either of the words, it should be expressed by the individual’s peers. To achieve them words you have to be creative, creating your individual or unique style. Of course you do not have to be confined to “labels”…

“Creative” this word, and the power it holds is just brilliant, however, in today’s society, there’s simply not enough creativity that is happening. I believe that creativity can save and destroy lives. Creativity starts from the mind and perception and most importantly letting go of fear. Creativity to me has nothing to do with intelligence, it’s a thought, a spark that comes from within that you think could presume into reality.

If you take a step back, without creativity and the perception of these people, we wouldn’t have the simplicities of appliances such as chairs, tables and beds… We wouldn’t have internet, smart electronic devices or even electricity.

Creativity is caused by a need in life.

However, creativity is carelessly used in today’s society…
Through influences such as friends, family, colleagues, teachers, peers or even strangers. We may even overhear a conversation, though all these encounters it influences our mind.

Through influences of friends, family, colleagues or even strangers, anyone really that you’ve to encounter a conversation with or even overheard a conversation. These encounters influence our mind function and it’s our intuition to think if it is positive or negative to ourselves.

Apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and even probably tinder, CMB to Uber, Amazon and eBay… We as consumers become dependant on some of these apps, As it accommodates our needs if we need a bit of a boost of positivity visit Instagram if we need to purchase anything visit Amazon. Everything is just literally a click away and god damn it is convenient! We overindulge in all these experiences that we become accustomed to it that we don’t even need to think or be creative.

This generation you’d find people don’t know what they want. They need to be spoon-fed with creativity and endorphins. Companies play a big part in this spoon feeding role. They create products/ideas and feeds it into the consumer’s mind, these are fed through ads which ‘famous people’ will endorse. They will say it’s the most creative/innovative idea and that’s how it starts, consumers “us” individuals would be captivated and would want it.

Today society companies try to find the niche, however, I believe there isn’t a niche at all… You see all over the world bubble tea stores are opening in every city and shopping centers. When starting a company it should be new and innovative but this there was no creativity, It’s nothing but a trend and the niche will die after people become numb to the idea they will try to find something else to heighten their senses and for the “feel good” needs and wants…

Creativity has turned into money-driven business.

A popular social app Instagram it’s created as a sharing outlet to express yourself through pictures, videos, stories and words. It should be space where you create your individuality, uniqueness and express what you’d like… As many individuals think your Instagram is precisely those words, the truth is, it’s not…

You find through Instagram if you type in any hashtags. Through the “popular pictures,” you’d find countless of pictures with similar poses, backdrops, filters and even captions… You even find yourself endlessly scrolling through posts after post. The next thing you’d find yourself asking questions… You start to compare and contrast lives from the posts you scrolled past. There’s seriously nothing creative about that, but brings fear and doubt into peoples lives… from this you form to social norms, you find yourself becoming part of a social herd. No creativity is found, but just copies and trends that will fade when the eyes don’t desire and that article of item would no longer be in use.

There are Apps even for “creating fake likes/comments for Instagram”. I feel sorry for these people that have such low self-esteem that they don’t even dare to be creative, but through these apps to try and gain a fake perception of reality and popularity. These apps, shut down the actual creativeness from some Instagram profiles… These situations apply to many other social apps.

Creativity within me?

Creativity can come from all forms of thoughts, personality and ways. The creativity within me is something that I’ve thought about. People tell me I’m a great problem solver, I linked this with creative being… As to be that I have to be creative with my ideas… and honestly, sometimes just blurting what’s on your mind for that situation/problem could be the best solution. Creativity is all about learning and growth and something that I will continue doing. Don’t worry if you fail, but at least you have tried and it’s a lesson that is learned.

I believe creativity is just being yourself, being on platforms such as WordPress allows me to express myself and not be conformed other ideas but what I think. Yes, other people probably blogged about the topics I’ve posted, but I believe the creative part plays are being how we express it differently and that brings the flair of creativity and individuality.

Creativity is about owning your individuality, creating a harmonious environment for yourself, your mind. Teaching the next generation to question about what the previous generation was… Be a bit more open-minded and think boundlessly sometimes. Don’t let creativity to be bound by what the eye pleases or what society thinks. When you’re the perception change you change. So maybe try to take a break, allow yourself to be bored and let your mind wander as when you’re bored the creative mind begins to tick. Trust your creativity!

Cmpang x

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