Do you think people can change?

So many people from your past know a version of you that doesn’t exist anymore.

I saw this quote, and it just gave me a weird vibration that I had to talk about it. Everyone is indeed is different in different parts of their lives… I’m sure that if people who knew me 1 year ago would speak differently about me to the ones who knew me 5 years or 10 years ago. to oppose the ones that know me now…

We human beings are evolving creatures at all time, and people sometimes don’t understand that its’s quite “simple” people can change. It originally irritated me that people don’t believe of change it could be with the environment, attitude or mindset. Now I just embrace it it’s not up to me to persuade someone it’s just that we are on different paths. 

People only see you how you were and not how you are right now…

The only valid answer and reason for people that don’t believe in change, either party couldn’t agree to a situation or leave a bitter taste or memory of the individual. The reason being is their feelings of ego masks the reality that people are capable of change.

The fact that everyone has an ego that gets to themselves. The reason being some people stop learning and stop growing, they believe what they think is hard solid facts and is stubborn to get over the past. The reason being is I believe in change, change comes with the environment, attitude, mindset and within. I believe it as I can see myself change through the years how much I’ve learnt and only continuing learning. You can look back or think through how much have you changed? 

If anyone is feeling in the dumps! Don’t fear doing things you enjoy, and remember everything is always temporary. The ones that care will reach out and be amazed by the ways you can change!

As some time we do forget that each person has their battles to fight and sometimes just to eradicate a bit of the selfishness as we don’t know what their inner thoughts are. 

Cmpang x

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