Vietnam: Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An

Vietnam has always been one of my destination spot on my bucket list…!
Flying in from Hong Kong into Vietnam – Da Nang you can see the greenery from miles on end, its beautiful natures with lakes and ponds, with the view of mountains how can you not fall in love with this country. It basically just art everywhere just like paintings, so surreal… Vietnam hospitality is beyond what I expected everyone was very nice and didn’t get cheapened off from buying food or items.

Visiting Da Nang with my boyfriend (Ray), btw (our first trip together, which was pretty spontaneous to book). The first stop we took from Da Nang Airport, is a train ride to Hue “The old city”. We originally wanted to take a taxi but it was seriously too expensive for Vietnam prices… So instead we took the train and surprisingly it was a pleasant journey! the views were frigging amazing!!! (BTW if anyone does decide to get a train from Da Nang – Hue, book in a day advanced via their train website easily located on google). Which we didn’t do which we had to wait for the next train, but it allowed us to walk around Da Nang Train station area. We found a cute cafe and rested there until we boarded the train. Arriving into Hue Ray and myself stayed in an Airbnb, which was quite close to the centre but far away from the noise in the main area of Hue ( Which is pretty touristy…).


Ray & Me, actually enjoyed Hue the most. We got to understand Hue a lot more, not only did we visit the usual sites we rented scooters to go around Hue. It truly has a-lot to offer in terms of the landscape it is a visual beauty. The lakes, rivers and mountains and the greenery all around is just pure nature and serene. The first stop what I and my boyfriend did was walk around the quaint little city becoming familiar with our surroundings. It was a great way after been awake since 3 AM the prior day! We had some food Bum Mam, we downed it and had a stroll down the riverside… Be aware, there are several “boat tour guides”. They kinda harass you but just keep saying No if you don’t want to have a tour down the perfume river.


We woke up relatively early as day 2 was Jam Packed with activities. We started with coffee, my gosh! Vietnam has spoilt our taste buds the coffee there is divine and ahhh i honestly can’t get enough of it… It’s just amazing finding cheap amazing coffee bright in the morning at a cute cafe. We did fall in love with just “Coffee” haha..! After the refreshing start, we headed off on grab bikes to the Citadel. We spent around 2-3 hours there, It is relatively large although with a lot of tourists you really can’t see them once you are further into the citadel. It is worth a visit and just beautiful architecture, it’s a serene and incredible historical site. It was really hot the day we went, however not to fear they have a few stores located inside the Citadel where you can buy beverages (:

After the Citadel we became incredibly sweaty haha! It was around 33degrees that day, and we left just after noon When the sun was brightest… Phew! Our Airbnb wasn’t far from the Citadel we went back refreshed and headed out, the next part was fun!!!. We decided to rent a scooter and bless my man braved the streets which were simply to put it “beautiful chaos”. We visited the other two tombs, the scooter ride was amazing with the breathtaking views of the beauty of nature. We were in awe and just like paintings or a desktop wallpaper from back in the days.

After the long day, we retreated and we headed back to the apartment refreshed again headed out to get some local grub. We cheered how we accomplished quite a lot in one day in the heat! yay… Hue was a great start to our trip. We had some local food and called it a night, as the next day we head back into the main city Da Nang.


It was our final day in Hue, We wanted to have a final explore we woke up early and we went to get some traditional noodle breakfast from the streets. It’s great vibe even in the early hours of Hue, it was only around 7:30 am After we went to a cafe to get our caffeine fix of the morning… then we started the day driving aimlessly around the city of Hue, a little mini-tour off our own. we went off the trails and honestly, at one point, I felt like I was in the game of Pokemon, seeing wildlife – seriously we saw a chicken spring out of random places… Randomly meeting elderly ladies selling water/drinks… It is a very random city! Honestly, Hue, we couldn’t ask for more for a great start, we felt like after renting a scooter and going around we got to see the vibe of Hue. The hospitality there exceeds and all are very friendly, just sometimes realising that language can become a barrier and it’s okay not to understand and get frustrated.. as they could be too. After that, we sadly parted with the scooter, and we made our way to the Train station back to Da Nang and off to our next adventure.

We arrived at Da Nang, and honestly, we were blown away with our Airbnb and host. It was great we didn’t want a place to close to the tourist attraction as it would be loud but close enough to reach with a scooter. We couldn’t wait to get back on to the roads and not too long after we took a quick rest we made our way to the cute city of Hoi An. If I’m honest it is beautiful and I can see why people go there, it is truly an instagrammerable place with a great history. However, you can see people just get immersed with their social networks that they forget to intake the surroundings. I and my man thought Hoi An was great but just too touristy for our liking, which gave me a slight headache… Nevertheless, there is one gem there the Banh Mi, Omg! it was delicious and just mouth watering even thinking about it now! (: Juicy filling with the crispy exterior of the bread… oh the combination just fucking yum!!


This day we took it easy and the first thing we did was head to the beach. My gosh, it was beautiful the sand was fine and just serenity! Enjoying our morning with a coconut for a change and not coffee…We swam in the sea which was pretty clear and just enjoyed being big kids again! There is something just watching and listening to the waves crash onto the sand… the feeling and thought to be there at that moment was amazing. After that, we went to get some Kem Bo, which we saw of this youtube vlog… And let me tell you it was fucking amazing ice cream, it’s avocado cream ice cream! yum and perfect for the hot weather. Topped with Caramel coconut and fresh coconut!

Soon after we then headed back to the apartment got changed and made our way up Son Tra mountain aka monkey mountain. My gosh, the trip there was crazily beautiful and breathtaking, the swirl and curves ride up were fun for my Ray. We enjoyed this and it was a true gem, although we did take one misdirection however it was part of the thrills… We stopped by at one spot there was tour group but soon they left and it was just Ray and me and it was just quiet, serene and just wow!

Seriously, breath taking views require a good picture (; !

After we headed back to refresh yet again! haha trust me in Vietnam especially July, it is super hot and just stepping outside you’d just build up a sweat just like that hahaha, for real keep a sweat rag… My initial thought this idea was pretty disgusting carrying it around but honestly, it’s super handy to have it there… We were both hungry and we didn’t take long to select a restaurant as we had a lot of Vietnamese ‘dongs’ left. we selected the restaurant at the end of the beach, It is a cute restaurant that has a view of the beach. The service there was excellent and the food was great and gosshh I was full! it was a great end to the evening and our final night in Da Nang.


Our final day in Da Nang we took the scooter for the last spin, we entered the main area of the city to pick up some souvenirs, we couldn’t leave without picking up some coffee and some snacks. Seriously they are the staples of Vietnam or within that region. We finished off with a spa and some food and we took a last dip at the beach and then headed to the airport back to Hong Kong.

Da Nang was truly a beautiful destination to visit. The city has it’s simple ways with nature and the hustle and bust of the city. This unique city is learning to become more diverse into modern society but keeping the culture is a place to be. The Vietnamese people are the most humble and kind people I’ve encountered. The cuisine here is just exquisite the fresh herbs and ingredients are just mouthwatering orgasmic tasty food. The coffee is something that we fell in love with, the culture there is just perfection to each cup. I really enjoyed staying in apartments whilst visiting other countries you can really see the vibes of the more suburban streets. We spent 5 days and 4 nights and we thought it was plenty of time to visit all the sites and places. Vietnam is an eyegasm and people who visit there would be amazed by the culture, view and food! Perfect getaway for couples that enjoy adventures and for those that just need a bit of R&R.

CMPang x

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