Shenzhen – Splendid China & OCT Loft

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it

Shenzhen just a border away from Hong Kong, I was amazed to see how everything has developed. The people not so much but Shenzhen has a lot to offer. From the landscape of the city centre to the beautiful coastal views of mountains. Honestly, I was in awe how such a beautiful country has so much potential is slightly still backwards in mentality and mannerism.

Now not speaking ill of them there is a selective few that are like that, I get it in Asia or any Asian countries everyone tends to stick to their little bubbles and groups… The fear of stranger danger. But SZ did feel safe in a weird way to see there is security around and even at the stations. It is a convenient province with delivery at your door step for almost everything you may need. the efficiency and the hard-working people

Anyway, the opportunity arises why I got to visit SZ is because it was very close to me and I went to visit my “now” boyfriend! He took me to various locations of his favourite spots and my gosh I have to admit they are cute, quirky and has great vibe!

Splendid China

This is quite a unique gem in the middle of the city if you even classify the middle. However, it’s a must-visit if you’re just as about foreign as me in Chinese culture and history of china. It is one of the world largest and most comprehensive miniature park. The park itself is split into two, one is where you get to experience the houses of the ancient times, the meaning is visiting a remake of the houses and the other side is the miniature park of all the clans there were back in the day.

Ray and I arrived quite early in the day around 9 am. We tried to avoid the crowds of the tourist. we rented a buggy to drive around the first part of the park. It was great as you only get 1 hour and it wasn’t quite enough time to visit all the places in full detail… however it was fun to whiz around in the park and beat the heat.

After dropping off the buggy we decided to take the other side by foot. We walked around and saw a miniature building. the details were very impressive and portraying that era quite accurately. I got to visit my origin clan – Hakka. the round housing environment used as communities to shield the outsides.

Honestly, we’ve may have spent 2-3 hours there easily. Be prepared if it is a hot day to bring an umbrella, tissue and extra cash to buy drinks inside the park or use WeChat if it’s linked to your bank. It’s great way to enjoy the urban with the jungle.

OCT Loft

Ray showed me this really cute area with creative architecture, art, food and drinks. It is probably already quite well known but it was close by to where he lives. I quite enjoyed this area even though has quite a few tourists the area stretches quite big and found some random and unique spots. It’s great for those that like to Instagram.

The environment gave me great vibes, it is very trendy and upbeat little society. Many buildings have start-up companies inside, and some can even lead you to rooftops if you’re trying to find a “grammerable” moment why not head to the top!

Shenzhen isn’t a bad place to be if you want to escape from the usual hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. It has its culture and heritage, it allowed me to understand a deeper level of Chinese heritage and backgrounds. Even though I must admit before going there download a VPN app. Initially just crossing the border it felt like I had no internet, as crossing the border the usual apps you use on a day to day basis would no longer work such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Due it is a communist country. However, it doesn’t affect you enjoying what Shenzhen has to offer.

Cmpang x

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