To new beginnings..


Taking each step one of a time, making each step count.

— cmpang

Hello Readers,

If anyone actually comes across this blog, I’m Mai! I’ve decided to start fresh, with this new blog! I’ve always like typing blogs since a young age, I’ve used and tried different platforms of that era to express myself. I remember the feeling after typing my first Blog on a website Zorpia, Which I’m not even sure if it exists today. I just remember that feeling just typing how I felt and how I was feeling when I was young, When I was bottling frustration inside I would use a blogging platform to express my anger.

Soon not too long after I started using a platform called Xanga, Xanga I remember becoming my comfort zone. I started to type out my updates of life and how great and relaxing it could be. Remember how I was looking forward to typing up my daily, weekly & monthly blog. Xanga was a great place I’ve met many friends from this social platform and made long life friends until it got shut down.

Blogger was the next outlet that I used this was when I was in my Uni stages, It was a great platform just to express thoughts and topics that were in my mind. When reading back I realised how emotional and deep I can become with my words and how my mind can become quite complex….

Anyway saying all this, I’d just like this to be an outlet for me to be honest with myself… To express what I’d like, how I’d like and just to have an update for myself to look back on when in the future. I guess a lifestyle blog, and to be honest as fuck (;

Learning to express yourself is always a great outlet to let go of unwanted feelings and thoughts. I wish more people would express themselves instead of building up negatives thoughts. Talking and listening to people can really help today society instead of assuming and judging.

Cmpang x

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