Taiwan : Taipei

Take a chance.

Taiwan, this country I’ve visited several times and especially Taipei… I believe that people that have been to Taiwan would discover the beauty of the hospitality of the country. The people are very helpful and considerate country.

This trip was a quite funny and interesting experience for me. It was originally booked with four people intended to travel, but only three went. The three, including myself and a couple of._.” basically I was third-wheeling this trip… So I decided to brave it out and explore Taipei by myself although we were living together in an Airbnb.

It was a very liberating journey for me, I’m not sure what it was but everything I did I got to do for myself. Now it’s not like I don’t have this choice or option in Hong Kong, as I live by myself but just being in a different country just makes things feel 100% different… We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Taipei. Honestly speaking it was more than enough for myself as I’ve visited this country countless times previously…

Ning Xia Rd Market

Taiwan the first thing you think of is the street food vendors so off we went to try their local cuisine which each vendor perfects and only sells that sort of food. We were at the Ning Xia Rd Night market. As we arrived in Taipei quite late the first evening so some of the stores were preparing to close, however, we did get to eat quite a few of the snacks there! Some street stalls had mini-games that you can win toys/objects.

Four Play

This was an interesting bar and concept that I’ve ever come across. They specialise in cocktails. This bar is unique in many ways as it didn’t have a menu and we have to solely trust the bartender. They will ask you what type of drink would you like, and you can use words to describe so all I said was Passion Fruit | Refreshing and off course with alcohol… It amazed me what they bring, each cocktail is unique with the taste buds of the customer’s request.

Xingtian Temple

I’ve always been intrigued by temples as I’ve visited quite a few in my lifetime. XingTian Temple was impressive the architectures amazes me and the attention to detail is just beautiful, the colours and the warmth the building shows. This temple is situated in the city and it’s pretty interesting during lunch hours a swarm of workers would visit into the temples, this is which intrigued me what they were up to and why?

The temple itself has a lot of old ladies and they seemed like they were conjuring a pray to get rid of evil spirits and bringing in blessings. So I decided to queue up and all they asked was for my name in Mandarin…As my Mandarin isn’t the best. I hope I didn’t butcher my name in mandarin. The lady would walk around you with incest sticks and you just stand still as she works her “magic” Not sure if it was a placebo effect however I did feel a bit of serenity within…

Elephant Mountain

A classic place to be if you don’t mind the heat and sweat. A short hike up the mountains and you’d get to admire Taipei beauty. Honestly, they probably could do with a bit more high rises to beat HK skyline (;. Nevertheless, Elephant mountain never fails to impress me and the tourists it gets each year.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

After the elephant mountain, we headed back got changed and made our way to the Hot Springs. On the way, we went to the museum and walking to the museum area you could smell the sulphur from the river. The museum itself was free of charge. It has a large new architecture nearby, the museum itself was a bathhouse. The design of the house is Japanese influenced. We got to walk around inside the bathhouse they provided us with flip-flops and put our shoes in the traditional lockers they’d use back in the day, was an interesting experience.

Hot Spring Experience

My friends and I decided to go to the Hot spring and honestly speaking I didn’t know it was completely naked or shall I wasn’t sure what to expect. I guess this part was a complete culture shock to me that all the ladies were just walking around naked. Talking, chatting away and showering chilling in the springs… It gave me a cafe vibe without the cafe how people just casually chatting away exposing their beautiful body to the public. I was in awe and how beautiful it all was and some of the ladies in there age so well…! It was an experience for myself and my friend too haha!

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Honestly, I couldn’t resist not coming here, it was close by to XianTian temple. It is a pretty cool area for people to gather and chill enjoying the art and surroundings. They often show different exhibits there and I guess this is a perfect place for youths to hang out. There are several stores inside that are pretty unique and an excellent place to purchase souvenirs which are different from the “touristy” type. An all-around good park with the cultural atmosphere.

HANKO 60 如醉如夢

Speakeasy bars are becoming uplifting and popular! This is no exception to the place we visited in Taipei. The unique twist of cocktails and unique taste. This speakeasy bar was disguised as an old theatre back in the days. This is a great way to end the day and our trip!

My experience with this trip overall was great and fun, I found more about myself and discovered that I’m more capable than I thought. I couldn’t be more thankful for google maps! haha… Taiwan especially Taipei I felt safe travelling around everywhere and it is a convenient city with the citizen wanting to help. It is great to experience travelling by myself, being in control and even if you’re lost your not really…

Cmpang x

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