Shenzhen : Dapeng

I find my happiness where the Sun Shines…

Shenzhen is honestly full of surprises, I had an opportunity to visit Dapeng after Ray suggested we visit Ancient City, as it also nicely located close to the beach. The journey from the city of Shenzhen is about 2 hours drive away. The scenery on the way to the location is beautiful with endless mountains views and peaks of the sea.

We decided to stay in a hotel that we’ve booked the prior night. The hotel we stayed at was pretty clean and had a pool which we did take full advantage of after being out in the heat to cool ourself.

Dapeng is near a beach, it is big but unfortunately not the cleanliness of all beaches. I’m not sure if it is down to the locals or even local tourism, but they are not disposing the trash so you’d see a lot of that everywhere…maybe they need more trash cans in place… The beach itself caters to water sports such as speed boating/banana boats and jet skis. Now in the back of my mind, I’m not sure how safe this all is… As it also has boats which go to different island across from Dapeng.

The beach is closely located with plenty of restaurants and we decided to chill at one that seemed pretty cool. We enjoy finding unique places and talking to the people that work there to understand their lives! Finally, people are changing my thoughts of the country slowly.

The next day we decided to explore the fortress. The fortress itself retains its natural nature unfortunately though they were doing quite a lot of maintenance in the main area. It is a nice tranquil walk around and the entrance was free. They have little shops inside that sold item such as hats, fans and traditional food.

In the evening of Dapeng, the city centre where all the restaurants are located is the place to be. The luming lights from the stores it’s reminded me of a fairy tale although there were plenty of tourists. It was a great way to experience Asian cuisine as they were plenty of street food vendors.

Overall Shenzhen and my boyfriend shooked me to show how beautiful Shenzhen can be beside the political shit…. however my feelings towards China Citizens remain the same if they weren’t dated in the way they think it would be top country to be in. It sometimes isn’t called unique it just called stubborn.

Cmpang x

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